YL Resources: Thieves Brochure


YL Resources: Thieves Brochure

Click here to read the PDF: lit-thieves_booklet

pdftrainingWhy you should read it:

* Print out and use as booklet or handout
* Overview of Thieves blend
* Diffusing Thieves
* Internal use of Thieves
* Thieves cleaning products
* Usage ratios for household cleaner
* Personal care products

Essential Oils and Products Mentioned

Thieves oil, clove, lemon, cinnamon, eucalyptus radiata, rosemary, Thieves foaming hand soap, Thieves hand purifier, Thieves spray, Thieves wipes, Thieves cleansing soap, Thieves household cleaner, Thieves toothpaste, Thieves mouthwash, Thieves lozenges, Thieves dental floss

Please “Share” to pass this information to your own Young Living community. This document is also available in your back office.

Thieves Brochure packs can be ordered from http://crowndiamondtools.soundconcepts.com/index.php/tools/brochures/thieves-brochure.html

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