YL Resources: The Miracle of NingXia Red



YL Resources: The Miracle of NingXia Red
presented by Doug Corrigan, Gary Young and Dr. Hugo Rodier

Click here to read the PDF: YL_TrainingTape_72

pdftrainingWhat’s discussed:

* Young Living has a mission
* First importer of wolfberries to the U.S.
* Seed goes back to Ningxia province
* Protecting the liver with NingXia Red
* Learning about the wolfberry
* Wolfberry products
* Longevity increased with wolfberry
* NingXia Red equivalency
* Causes of chronic diseases
* Sugar addictions
* All diseases share common mechanisms
* Nutrition to the forefront
* NingXia wolfberry to the rescue

Essential Oils and Products Mentioned

Balsam, Berry Young juice, NingXia Red, Power Meal, Wolfberry Power Bar

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