YL Resources: The Four Steps to Immunity

YL Resources: The Four Steps to Immunity

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audioWhy you should listen:

*Using oil blends strategically to boost the immune system
*First step to immunity: reduce exposure to toxins and germs
*Second step: mobilize and strengthen current immune defenses
*Third step: bring in reinforcements when the immune system is under attack
*Fourth step: ease symptoms if you do get sick
*Bring in Thieves products as a first line of defense
*Build immune system through NingXia Red, ImmuPro, Life 5, Inner Defense
*Ease illness symptoms through Breathe Again, RC
*Combine strategies to accomplish the Four Steps to Immunity

Essential Oils and Products Mentioned

Thieves blend, Thieves foaming hand soap, Thieves hand purifier, Thieves toothpaste, Thieves mouthwash, Thieves lozenges, Thieves household cleaner, NingXia Red, ImmuPro, Life 5, Breathe Again, RC blend, peppermint

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