YL Resources: Protect Yourself with ImmuPower and R.C.


YL Resources: Protect Yourself with ImmuPower and R.C.


resourcesProtect your family against seasonal maladies and support your immune system with ImmuPower and R.C. Essential Oil blends. Both provide timely correction when you’re not feeling your best and arm your body with protection to safely make it through harsh seasons.

Why you should listen:

* Seasonal marketing, immune system, illnesses, family/children support
* Overview of the immune protecting properties of each oil in the blend
* Apply ImmuPower, diffuse R.C., apply on hands and breathe aroma

Essential Oils and Products Mentioned

ImmuPower, cistus, frankincense, oregano, Idaho tansy, cumin, clove, hyssop, ravintsara, mountain savory, Inner Defense, R.C., eucalyptus, myrtle, pine, spruce, marjoram, lavender, cypress, peppermint

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