YL Resources: Abundance and Common Sense oil blends

YL Resources: Abundance and Common Sense oil blends

Click here to access the audio presented by Doug Corrigan

audioWhy you should listen:

*How oil blends work synergistically to enhance the energy fields of the person using it
*How Abundance blend can attract financial and/or emotional prosperity
*Law of Attraction and manifestation
*How each oil in Abundance contributes to the whole
*Common Sense blend is formulated to enhance rational, logical and decision-making abilities
*Stress management and supporting emotional well-being
*Use in diffuser or wear as cologne

Essential Oils and Products Mentioned

Abundance blend, frankincense, myrrh, clove, ginger, cinnamon, orange, patchouli, spruce, Common Sense blend, ylang ylang, lime, ocotea, ruta, dorado azul, lavender, Peace and Calming

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