YL Branded Marketing Materials: Customizable Tablecloth


I highly recommend you get at least one of these inexpensive metallic leaf Young Living rectangular tablecloths… The number of times you’ll use it is almost endless.

Why do I recommend this product?

* Heavy-duty vinyl (stays looking clean and also machine washable)
* Good size without being too big (60 inches by 126 inches)
* Choose your tablecloth color from black, burgundy, eggplant, hunter green, white, sage, red, dusty rose, copper, chocolate, beige, purple, lavender, royal blue, and silver
* Choose your metallic leaf color from silver, gold, green and copper
* Choose your printing color from white, black and purple
* Says “Young Living Essential Oils” in big letters

With all these options, you can really brand your YL business using your own colors. This helps you stand out from the crowd.

If they made these in blaze orange, I’d get two! lol

How many ways can you think of to use this type of branded tablecloth? Leave some comments below.


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