Why Do People Have So Much Trouble Creating Content for Facebook?


facebookI was talking to a couple of members of the North Grove Marketing private group yesterday, and they both told me emphatically, “I don’t know what to post on my Facebook page or in my Facebook group!!!” The frustration in their voices came clearly through the phone line.

Facebook tends to stump people who are perfectly capable of creating 1,600-word blog posts, speaking on a topic for 20 minutes or longer, standing up in front of a room of strangers delivering a Young Living class in person, or any of the other myriad things leaders do on a regular basis.

But 20 to 150 words in that social media status box draws a blank. Part of the intimidation factor comes from being told by other marketing teachers that “you have to post often, and post frequently, and post consistently, and post all the time… but not too much.”

Post what? How often? What time of day? What if I only have 213 likes on my page? What if there are only 12 people in my team Facebook group? What if I have nothing interesting to say? What if I get busy for three weeks and can’t post? What if people think I’m dumb? Will this social media thing help me grow a business?


I understand where these emotions and confusions and frustrations come from, and I’m afraid it comes from folks Googling “social media marketing” and reading every bit of advice ever offered by any marketing teacher on the internet.

Does all that advice actually apply to a Young Living distributor?

Does all that advice apply to the beginning network marketing business builder?

Does all that advice apply to seasoned Young Living folks who are just getting into social media?

If you’re already experiencing social media success, please share your story in the comments below. Others who are still trying to get their feet under them would love to hear your wisdom.

If you’re struggling a little (or a lot) coming up with content for your Facebook page or group, please comment on those experiences, too. I’d like to know how best to help you… I’m pretty good at creating content, but I can’t help if I don’t know what your challenges are.


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