What’s the Most Important Thing About Facebook Content?


facebookWhat’s the most important thing about creating content for Facebook business pages and groups?

Is it posting 80 percent informational stuff and 20 percent promotional stuff?

How about how often you post: morning, noon and night? Five days a week? Only on weekdays?

Maybe the most important thing is to never actually suggest to your readers that they purchase products, so you don’t seem pushy and sales-y?


Forget all that stuff.

The most important thing about posting on your Facebook business page or in your Facebook business group is…………

That you enjoy doing it. You get a kick out of it. You look forward to interacting with your readers.

The most important thing about posting on Facebook is that you’ve built relationships, taught interesting information and held conversations with people who love essential oils.

Can’t get any better than that!

Of course, there is still the question of what your actual content should be as you’re enjoying yourself. The day-in-day-out work of keeping pages and groups alive isn’t easy and does require your creativity and dedication.

Tomorrow I’ll tell you a few tips about how to both have fun AND create sensational content in social media.

Feel free to share your thoughts about creating Facebook content in the comments below!


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