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Wonder Distributor Powers: Activate!



sunshine and daisiesMarketing is full of words. Words, words, words! Ahhhhhhh. Do I have to write more words? Right now? Wouldn’t it be more fun to do the dishes or watch a rerun of a 1980s Saturday morning cartoon?

While those things might feel more fun in the moment, I’m afraid we marketers must continue writing and writing. That’s how online marketing is done: through words, most of them written and read.

Make your words more powerful by activating active verbs.

Uh oh. That sounds like your English teacher about to diagram some sentences. If you tuned out your grammar lessons the first time around, pay attention for just a couple of minutes and learn how to bring verbs to life in written marketing content.

Read these examples out loud and listen to the differences.

She was applying frankincense for a week when she started to see results.
She applied frankincense for a week and started to see results.

He has been applying Valor before asking someone on a date, but he hasn’t seen results yet.
He applies Valor before asking someone on a date, and hopes for results.

By next month we will have finished the promotion.
The promotion finishes next month.

When you do your final editing run-through, watch out for verbs that end in -ing, and try to eliminate all uses of “was” and “has” and “will” in your writing. It’s the little things that make your writing active, lively and to-the-point. Yes, it is a little thing, but try it anyway and see how you feel.

Just a nod to my grammar-nerd brothers and sisters. Did you see how I eliminated past progressive, present perfect progressive, and future perfect tenses? Fist bumps all around!