Seminar: Momentum Marketing (Four Steps to Fast Results)

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courseimagefinalConsider these questions before investing in the training program:

What if there were a four-step system you could apply to all your marketing efforts that’s been proven to work for thousands of people?

What if you had already seen this system in action, and probably bought something because of its effectiveness?

What if this system wasn’t manipulative at all, but rather loving, kind and generous to everyone in your community?

I want all the Young Living distributors in my community to learn how to use momentum marketing in their businesses, because I know it works. So, I designed a special training seminar that is completely focused on what you need to know, how you can apply the system, and why you can benefit in an incredible number of ways.

NOTE: This is NOT a selling system. This is NOT advertising. This is NOT manipulating, underhanded, or shady. It IS in perfect alignment with Young Living’s heart-centered sharing model.

Use the four-step momentum marketing system to:

  • Get people really curious about joining your Young Living team
  • Launch your new blog (or your old one), your Facebook page, or even your entire YL business
  • Teach about Essential Rewards and monthly product promotions
  • Show people the benefits of attending your classes (in-person or online)
  • Develop a followup system
  • Tell your story
  • Increase the marketing power of everything you do

The system can be applied to:

  • In-person meetings
  • Telephone conversations (care calls)
  • Blogs and websites
  • Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+
  • Videos, Teleseminars, Webinars
  • Events
  • Team meetings
  • Email newsletters
  • You name it!

If this course sounds interesting to you, purchase access to all six videos and the “homework” handouts by clicking Pay Now.

As always, I offer a money-back guarantee. This is a self-paced course, so I feel 7 days is enough time for you to check it out and know whether it will work for you. If you apply what you’ve learned and don’t find it helpful, please contact me and I’ll send you a refund.


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