Reflexology Foot Massage for Stress Relief



reflexologystressreliefA ten-minute foot massage can work wonders to relieve stress and emotional tension, and focusing on the reflexology points on your feet gets you results even faster. Throw in some calming aromatherapy through essential oils and you have a complete stress relief package.

Step 1

Wash your feet with plenty of running water and a mild soap. Dry using gentle circular motions. Focus on what you’re doing right now and try to set aside your worries for a few moments.

Step 2

Pour a small amount of V-6 carrier oil into your palm and rub your hands together to warm up the oil. Drip 4-6 drops of essential oil into your palm and rub your hands together again. The Peace and Calming blend is perfect for all kinds of stress. If your stress is related to female hormones, use the Progessence blend instead. Spread the oils onto one foot and massage the top and bottom of your foot all the way up the ankle. Use long strokes and don’t press too hard on any particular point.

Step 3

Begin the reflexology part of the massage by applying pressure where each of your toes meets the bottom of your foot. Press firmly for about ten seconds in each depression. Spend extra time with your big toe, because it represents your entire head and neck in reflexology.

Step 4

Move down to the ball of your foot and repeat, holding each pressure point for about ten seconds. Pay extra attention to the point where your toe bones meet your insole, as this can be a very tender spot.

Step 5

Move to your insole and massage the whole area, paying attention to the reflexology points in the edge of the arch of your foot. We tend to hold emotions and tension in this area, so take your time and focus on any particularly tender points.

Step 6

End the reflexology part of the massage by finding the point on the outside of your foot about three finger-widths past the joint of the little toe. This is where you hold tension in your shoulders. Press and hold this point for at least ten seconds, and repeat until you can feel your shoulders relax.

Step 7

Finish massaging that foot in any way you like: vigorous circular motions all over your foot; long, gentle strokes from toe to heel; briefly pressing on each reflexology point again to relieve the remaining bits of tension.

Step 8

Rest for a few moments and take a drink of water. Repeat the same reflexology massage points with your other foot. When finished, relax and drink water for at least a few minutes before going back to your everyday life.

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