Reflexology Foot Massage for Restless Leg Syndrome


reflexologyrestlesslegIf you suffer from restless leg syndrome, you know that it can drive you crazy and interfere with your sleep. Try a reflexology and aromatherapy foot massage to help relieve restless legs and you may just calm down and sleep better.

Step 1

Wash your feet with plenty of running water and a mild soap. Dry using vigorous motions to increase blood flow. Focus on what you’re doing right now and try to set aside any tension or racing thoughts for a few moments.

Step 2

Pour a small amount of plain carrier oil into the palm of your hand and rub your hands together to warm up the oil. Drip 2-3 drops each of valerian, Roman chamomile and lavender (or any combination of the three) into your palm and rub your hands together again. Spread onto your left foot and massage the top and bottom as well as the ankle until most of the oil is absorbed. Use long strokes and don’t press too hard on any particular point.

Step 3

Turn your attention to the heart reflexology point in the center of your left foot where the toe bones meet the softer insole. This is often a very tender point, so press and hold gently at first for at least ten seconds. Rest for ten seconds and repeat the pressure a little more assertively. Rest and repeat again a little harder, but don’t cause yourself undue pain. It may take several tries to release the pent up tension in your heart reflexology point.

Step 4

Move about two finger-widths toward the outside of your left foot and press on the reflexology points in that area. Note any particularly tender spots and give them extra attention.

Step 5

Move to the very outside of your left foot and find the knee/leg reflexology point directly in line with your ankle bone. Press and rest several times to release the tension.

Step 6

Move to the sciatic reflexology point in the center of your heel. It can be difficult to activate this point, so press as hard as is comfortable. Repeat the pressure several times as before.

Step 7

Move one finger-width back from the sciatic point toward the very back of your heel. This is the foot reflexology point. Repeat the pressure several times as before.

Step 8

Rest for several minutes and drink some water. Try to focus just on your breathing and enjoying the aromatherapy to introduce a little meditation into the foot massage.

Step 9

Move to your right foot. Put some carrier oil in your hands and rub together to warm up, then add 2-3 drops each of valerian, Roman chamomile and lavender (or any combination of the three). Massage your entire right foot including the ankle.

Step 10

There are fewer restless leg syndrome reflexology points to activate on your right foot. Begin by pressing on the ball of your foot near the big toe (on the fleshy part you use for walking). This is a fairly big area, so press and release several times around this part of your foot.

Step 11

Move to the sciatic point on your right foot (the center of the heel). Press and release several times to relieve built-up tension in your sciatic nerve.

Step 12

Press the foot reflexology point a finger-width away from the heel point several times.

Step 13

Rest and relax for several minutes, drinking plenty of water, breathing in the aromas from the massage oil and allowing yourself to find some peace and calm. If your legs are still restless, repeat each point on your left foot in rotation. It may take several reflexology sessions to find relief from restless leg syndrome, so be patient and do the rotation as often as needed.

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