Oil Substitutes (Official News From Young Living)


mississippi riverJust saw this in a Facebook group I belong to (YL Essential Oils Basic 101 for Beginners, run by a great lady, Debbie Dennison). There have been some challenges with out-of-stock oils and while some folks are patient, others are getting itchy. Here are Gary Young’s suggested substitutes for out-of-stock oils.

Deep Relief: PanAway and/or Relieve It
Melaleuca (Tea Tree): Palo Santo and/or Melrose
Myrrh: Mountain Savory
Sclaressence: Clary Sage
Breathe Again: RC and/or Blue Eucalyptus
Valor: Highest Potential and/or Harmony
Stress Away: Tranquil
Blue Tansy: German Chamomile or Roman Chamomile
Melissa: Lemon Myrtle
Ledum: GLF
Wintergreen: Palo Santo and/or Dorado Azul
Grapefruit: Tangerine
Clove: Cassia and/or Ocotea
Lady Sclerol: Clary Sage

Also noted: YL is thinking of incorporating info on substitutes right next to the product descriptions in their next catalog. Brilliant! This change will give distributors more chances to educate on the various oils and their properties, allowing you to broaden your knowledge and have suggestions right at your fingertips. More information on this excellent change will become available in the next few months.

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