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I recently met a new friend and colleague through a Facebook group and wanted to share her with you. We’re all about sharing, right?

There’s no way for any one teacher to have time to teach everything that needs to be taught, so each teacher must focus on his/her area of expertise. Fran White is really, really good at making graphics and memes and using them in social media.

Fran sent this to me as a way to share her story:

Thanks for the opportunity to share about my group, Graphically Social for Young Living.

I became a Young Living Independent Distributor last September. I love the oils and feel that they are truly what we all need rather than taking just another pill pushed at us by Doctors.

Having a background as Director of Community Outreach with a PBS affiliate here in town and numerous years social media for myself and now as a Social Media manager for small businesses, I really felt I could hit the ground running utilizing all the social media outlets. And I did.

As I became more and more acquainted with other Independent Distributors, I realized there was a definite and desperate need for simple instruction and basic how-to on making graphics and social media within the Young Living Distributor community.

With social media sites constantly changing I felt the undying need to help my fellow distributors out. That is why I created Graphically Social for Young Living with Fran White.

It’s a subscription group at small fee of $5.00 per month, payable through PayPal. It renews every month and there are no contracts so you are welcome to cancel through PayPal at any time.

This is what you receive:

  • Instruction on creating basic Graphics to display on your Social Media sites.
  • Ongoing instruction on Social Media and Social Media Sites (Facebook,Twitter, Pinterest). Instructions may be in text, video, audio or documentation.
  • I will supply you with one graphic a week that you can customize and use for your social media sites.
  • On a monthly basis, I will supply you with cut-outs of the Essential Rewards freebies for the upcoming month.

It’s a very unique group, full of sharing, friendship, valuable information and Young Living!!

The responses from the participants thus far have been overwhelmingly positive and they feel like they are learning!! Which makes me really happy.

If you would like more information on the group, just visit

Fran White


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