Just Released: Crash Course In Creating Content for Facebook


facebookPlease stop reading advice from marketing teachers who don’t understand the nature of a Young Living social media presence. Their advice isn’t bad, but it’s not specific to you and your needs.

If you’re like most Young Living distributors, you have a Facebook page and perhaps are an admin in a Facebook group or two. But, you may have read somewhere that you need to post in these places several times a day in order to keep your audience engaged (and keep Facebook’s newsfeed algorithms happy).

Really, who has time for that? And what the heck do you post? Do you really have that much to say?

Deep breath, my friends. If you’ve felt blocked about what to post, how often to post, what time of day to post, where you’ll get the content, and how you’ll find the time to do all this… Just take a deep breath.

In my brand-new Crash Course in Planning and Scheduling Content for Your Facebook Page/Group, I give you some general ideas to get your creative mind brainstorming (which you’ve probably read before).

Then, I give you specific plans of what to say and how often to say it. Pick the plan that works for your life and your business, and use a social media scheduler to schedule posts in advance.

(Yes, I give you a clear, step-by-step tutorial on how to do this, complete with screen captures so you can see what’s supposed to happen.)

Finally, I give you some solid examples that you can apply to your real life and your real way of doing things, whether you feel you have a “business” or are simply sharing the oils.

One of the examples I give could be a goldmine for you, if you apply it on a monthly basis. All you have to do is follow the script.

And because I want every YL distributor all across the face of the earth to simplify Facebook content and enjoy their businesses more, I’m offering this crash course for only $11.

Go here to find out more and get your copy right now.


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