How I Explain the Young Living Compensation Plan



little green frogSo, how do I at North Grove Marketing answer questions about the Young Living compensation plan? Compensation is top-of-mind to new distributors, and causes concern for everyone who’s building a Young Living distributorship. It’s somewhat complex. People have a lot of questions about it, and sometimes they ask me.

I answer compensation level questions by referring everyone back to their upline person. I, Evelyn Fielding of North Grove Marketing, do not answer questions about how to make more money in a Young Living business.

Whoa. Is that really what I just said? Yep. And here’s why.

I believe (and this is my humble opinion; you may hold another opinion and be just as correct) that YLEO is not about making money. Hold on! Bear with me as I explain further.

Of course you need money. But money itself isn’t a very good goal. Feeding the family, building your retirement savings, giving more back to your community, buying a new car are much better goals. Aiming at Silver In 6 is a really good goal. You have your personal goals, and money is a tool that helps you get there.

When people ask me about the compensation plan, I ask them about their goals. The different levels of compensation have built-in benchmarks, of course, but I like to get more personal and really dive deep into what a person wants to do in business.

The second reason I don’t discuss compensation directly is because I believe that marketing is also not about making money. When you do marketing in the right ways at the right times, you will inevitably make more money. Marketing is about relationships. Passion. Commitment. Vision. Goals. (There’s that word again!)

So, if you have questions about what happens to your compensation when you reach the Gold level, I won’t answer them. Please go back to your upline person and sort it out, then come back to North Grove Marketing so we can keep you on the path toward reaching your goals.

What is your personal goal, right now? Leave a comment so we can support you in reaching it!


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