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sunshine and daisiesI just got done listening to a free webinar produced by Karen Clark, social media trainer for direct sales representatives (like you as Young Living distributors). I highly recommend this training call because she goes over some social media mistakes she sees people doing, and she’s funny and bright and knowledgeable. You do need to opt-in to her site to receive access to the recordings, but I think it’s worth sharing your email address.

Why should you share your email address with Karen Clark and listen to this free teleclass? She talks about:

Event spam, like starting a Facebook event that’s not really an event. Events must have a start time and end time and be hooked to a particular day and location (virtual or real-world), like a teleclass, webinar, in-person class, video or business launch and so on. The “February Specials” type of event isn’t really an event and constant announcements about it irritates everyone who’s invited because it goes on and on.

Poaching, also known as cross-recruiting. We must be very careful about this disrespectful practice. Before you post, comment, invite to groups, like a page or network during a real-world event think carefully about whether the comment will be perceived as poaching. Inviting people to private message through social media is walking a very thin line, so be clear you’re not cross-recruiting. If a potential customer offers to buy something from you or join Young Living, carefully and gently return that person to the person who was their first contact.

Offending people. Using foul language, no matter how minor (stupid, shut up, that sucks); political and religious discussions or posts; whining, negative posts, personal dramas, and discussing negative incidents that happened with customers or other distributors can all be offensive. Keep conversations positive and try to eliminate negativity from your social media.

Pushing, especially end-of-month sales or meeting-goals-posts. Asking for help is OK, but make sure you post regularly and build relationships all along the way. Keep promotional posts to a minimum and only ask for action once in a while. Pushing shows desperation and can be perceived as begging. Be a resource first, and allow people to discover your business organically most of the time.

Over-posting (posting too many posts too fast). Use scheduling tools to space your thoughts out rather than blasting people’s feeds. Also avoid posting all day long, even if you have a comment about everything you see in a group or on a page. Discussions are OK, but don’t over-post on many things at once.

That’s just an overview, and of course she has a lot more to say about each one of these social media mistakes. Opt-in and access the recordings through this link:

Tough Love Social Media Teleclass by Karen Clark

When you’re finished listening, leave a comment here or jump over to the open North Grove Marketing Facebook group to start a discussion about social media mistakes you’ve seen:


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