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You’ve seen Vicki Opfer’s Heart-Centered Sharing training, right? If it’s been more than a week since you’ve read it, go into your back office when you’re finished with this article and read it again. Vicki’s sharing model is Young Living’s sharing model, and I’d like to show you how to add significant momentum to your everyday efforts.

Here’s a quote from Vicki:

Heart-Centered Sharing allows us to empower as many people as possible to take care of themselves and their families, using natural products, so they can live longer, healthier and happier lives. Share with an open and loving heart. Be a good listener and truly be of service to others. Teach your friends and family about the Young Living lifestyle and how to share it with others. This creates duplication (people sharing with people, sharing with people), which will ripple out into our world in new and fascinating ways.

Vicki’s heart-centered sharing method is awesome. If you get enough people and their friends together in a room often enough and follow her step-by-step instructions, you will, over time, build your team up to Royal Crown Diamond. Her method deals with the moment of enrollment, obviously the most critical juncture in team building.

But I wonder about some things, based on my husband’s experiences and the experiences of folks in the Young Living communities I hang around in. I wonder what happens after enrollment. You’ve got a few people in your direct downline, and some months they order products and some months they don’t. Are you still helping those people to live a healthier, happier life?

Some of your folks might be scattered geographically. I can tell you that driving 90 minutes one-way to do an in-person event begins to wear on a person in a pretty short time, especially if you’re driving north, south, east and then west in a given month. If one of your business-builders happens to live in Texas and you live in Minnesota, you have to use technology to stay in touch and be a true leader for your distant teammate. What’s a good way to use technology to build and sustain your business?

Some of your folks have kids and jobs and aging parents to care for and TV to watch and gardening to do and really, 10,000 things that make life a pleasure to live. Heck, you might have all those things, too. I wonder how you keep people interested in Young Living and help them find the time and mental energy to stay on track for a healthier, happier life?

So, I’m not questioning the heart-centered sharing model of in-person events that are easily duplicated by anyone willing to learn the method. But I do think some of these other questions can be answered by momentum marketing, and that heart-centered sharing can be greatly enhanced by following a simple and duplicatable four-step process each and every time.

Momentum marketing sounds kinda sales-y and could be manipulative and pushy. It sure can be negative if used in the wrong way, as can any method including “sharing”. If it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it. But judge for yourself if this sounds sleazy:

Step 1: Talk about the why
Step 2: Talk about the what
Step 3: Talk about the how
Step 4: Ask for something

That may not sound like a revelation to most of you. You already know that part. Now, if you had practical examples of how to use the four-step process in activities you actually do in your business, wouldn’t that be helpful?

Like, how to use the four-step process to talk about the monthly promotions, the free stuff people can get if they buy certain PV levels. Why is it important to get free products? What good do the free products do a person? How can people find the money to spend each month? If you could answer those questions, do you think people would be more likely to see ordering on a regular basis as a good thing?

Or let’s take care calls as another example. You do care calls, right? When you follow through with people on a regular basis, not just for the first month after they enroll, but on an ongoing basis to empower and serve and keep sharing. Or maybe you’re the kind of person who thinks care calls are a bother, or you can’t think of what to talk about so you avoid doing them, or maybe you do them but they’re not as effective as you’d like them to be. Why is regular communication important? What do you talk about? How can you do a “care call” using technology other than the telephone? If you had answers to those questions, you’d do your followup and feel good about it.

Here’s one more example, and this is a big one. People in Young Living communities LOVE trying on the products and LOVE following protocols that give them results. Think of the petrochemical cleanse, the five-day cleanse, NingXia Red 30-day challenges, Gary Young’s Great Day protocol, the Feelings Kit, Raindrop treatments, and dozens of others. People LOVE that stuff. I know I do. Why is it important to try on products and protocols? What is the protocol about, and what results can a person expect? How do you do the protocol? It’s not enough for YOU to do it; how can you show other people it’s a good idea?

Why. What. How. Action. Four steps, used in different situations, to build excitement and passion and enthusiasm and your business. Heart-centered momentum marketing.

Yep, this is a big topic. I put together some training videos for you. Look up on the menu area above this post, click on the word Seminars and drop down to Momentum Marketing to check them out.


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