Essential Oil Gifts for Parents



giftsforparentsAnyone with a new baby or a rambunctious toddler absolutely needs the energizing, cleansing and grounding effects of essential oils. Nurturing little ones can get stressful, and your gifts can help parents find balance in a newly chaotic life.

Tired new parents can find relief in stimulating oils. A gift of Peppermint can be used in a variety of ways, including perking up when you’ve been awake for too many weeks in a row. Rosemary is an all-around energizing oil, or give the gift of Orange if the new parents need calming and uplifting aromatherapy. A diffuser is the perfect way to introduce these lovely scents into the environment.

When cold and flu season hits the household, new parents should make liberal use of Eucalyptus essential oil. Rub a few drops onto blocked sinuses, sore throats and achy chests whenever needed. (For grownups! Essential oils must be properly diluted before applying to babies and very young children.) Add a drop or two to steaming tea or a diffuser. In addition to relieving cold symptoms, eucalyptus oil has antibacterial properties, so add it to your homemade household cleaners to reduce the number of germs on surfaces.

Did you know that even new dads can suffer from postpartum depression? A dad’s symptoms are usually much less severe than a mom’s, and he can often be ignored in the mix. If you feel like splurging, give a new dad the gift of Frankincense essential oil. Gifts with smaller price tags include Cypress and Cedarwood, both well-known for their grounding properties and their more masculine scents.

As you consider the best gifts to give new parents, remember that essential oils have many incredible properties beyond their aromatherapy benefits. Give your gift recipients some advice along with the essential oils and they’ll be more likely to use them!

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