Creating Sensational Facebook Content


facebookHow do you create content for Facebook business pages and groups?

Oh, you can ask Google that very question and come up with 129,432 answers.

Almost none of which will apply to a Young Living social media presence, let alone a relationship marketer, let alone someone who has other things to do besides post on Facebook.

Sorry to say, finding out how to keep sharing interesting Facebook content on a consistent basis and having fun while doing it isn’t much talked about, especially for you as a YL team leader.

But ya know, I’m a marketing teacher who specializes in teaching Young Living folks how to best use many marketing techniques in their actual, real-life businesses. Whatever your goals, there’s a way to get it done.

So, if you’re having challenges creating content for your page or group, or staying motivated to post frequently, I can teach you some absolutely sanity-saving techniques that make sense in YOUR business, with the time you actually have available to spend on this activity.

Yay, right?!?! Finally!

OK, look for the complete instructions on how to access this most-needed learning in my post tomorrow. This is some good stuff!


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