Crash Course In NingXia Red Marketing



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Table of Contents for Crash Course In NingXia Red Marketing

What to Do With Offline Resources
What to Do With Online Resources
Lists, and Why They Are the Worst Marketing Content Ever
What to Do With Ingredients Lists
What to Do With Companion Products Lists
What to Do With Health Challenges Lists
Brochures and Other Marketing Materials
What to Do With PDF Brochures
What to Do With Online Videos
And Finally, How This Research Applies to Your Marketing
What If NingXia Red Isn’t Really a Part of Your Business?
What If NingXia Red Comes Up Sometimes?


2 thoughts on “Crash Course In NingXia Red Marketing

  1. I am so excited to find you. I have been in young living since 1999 and have just decided to pursue it as a full time business. Ningxia Red is my product. As a marketing guru I would like to ask you, is it worth my money to invest in a website? Presently I have a Facebook page Essential Oils Plus.

    Thank you for your expertise.

    • Hey there, Adina! Before you invest money in a website, have you considered options like free WordPress, Weebly, etc.? The Young Living replicated website is OK, but it’s replicated almost the same for all distributors so it’s hard to stand out. Next, ask yourself why you want a website: Are you hoping for search engine traffic? Will you use it as a “calling card” and send potential members there? Do you want to blog and express yourself? Can you take the long-term time (years, maybe) to build up an audience? Next, ask yourself how much interaction do you get from your Facebook page? If it’s good, then keep going with that! If it’s not so good, then you might want to improve it before starting another online presence. Finally, have you considered starting a Facebook group? Even with only a few members, a group can be a great way to have conversations and teach about the products. Go ahead and friend me on Facebook (Evelyn YL Fielding) and we can talk!

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