Just released: Crash Course In NingXia Red Marketing



CrashCourseNingxiaRed4If you’re not a member of North Grove Marketing yet, you can still take advantage of my just-released crash course all about how to promote NingXia Red in your Young Living business. It’s a 9-page ebook that walks you through different kinds of marketing materials and HOW and WHY you can apply them in your marketing.

I can just about bet this book would save anybody hours and hours of researching, so even if you don’t promote NingXia Red much you can at least get a crash course in the product.

Check out Crash Course In NingXia Red Marketing on this page. Anybody can download it for a mere $11 if you’re not a member, free if you are a member. (Members note: If you haven’t received your emailed password yet, just drop me a line in our community Facebook group and I’ll tell you right away!)