Primer On Popular Carrier Oils

by Evelyn


coconutsproutSimply put, a carrier oil is any cold-pressed, unrefined vegetable, seed or nut oil used to dilute full-strength essential oils.

Now, what does that really mean?

Coconut Oil

If you Google coconut oil, you’ll be met with a million articles about how it can cure everything and make you look like you’re 20 years old. It is some pretty good stuff, and it smells delicious, too. Because it absorbs into the skin more slowly, coconut oil makes a good carrier when you want to enjoy the aromatherapy benefits of your essential oils a little longer (as in, when you make a eucalyptus oil rub for a chest cold). Coconut oil solidifies at 76 degrees, so when you’re mixing up topical treatments, warm it a little, add your essential oils and mix thoroughly. It melts beautifully later when you apply to skin.

Avocado Oil

Got achy joints? Avocado oil plus PanAway. Got achy teeth or problems with your gums? Avocado oil plus Thieves oil. Need a good carrier oil for a sensual massage? Avocado oil plus jasmine essential oil. Sunburn? Wait for it… Avocado oil plus lavender. Plus, it’s super-good in salad dressing. If you have sensitivities to nuts, this may be the carrier oil for you. As with anything, test a little on your wrist before going all the way.

Olive Oil

Yeah, we hardly need to discuss the benefits of olive oil, right? Most of us have a big bottle in the kitchen already, making it easy to mix with essential oils. Look for extra virgin, cold-pressed oil because it’s worth the money. Olive oil is one of the slowest to absorb into the skin, so it makes a great carrier oil when mixing up oils for babies and kids. If you’re feeling brave and don’t mind rinsing out the shower afterward, mix ¼ cup used coffee grounds, 1 tablespoon EVOO and five drops of rosemary essential oil and give your scalp a good scrub. Yep, it’s messy, but try it and see how you feel.

Jojoba Oil

The chemistry of jojoba oil closely mimics human skin oil, making it the go-to choice for people who suffer from acne or flaky skin. Be patient—it can take a week or two to see results from any new skin regimen. Southwestern Native Americans used jojoba oil as an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory for skin wounds, too, so keep that in mind when you’re mixing oils together. It keeps well at room temperature, but you should still try to buy just what you need rather than storing it for a long time. Best part? A little goes a long way because it spreads so nicely. (By the way, it’s pronounced ho-HO-ba.)

Almond Oil

Lots of vitamin E and protein make almond oil a nice choice as a carrier oil. Those who suffer from psoriasis and eczema may prefer it over other choices. If you like to put oils on your feet, try mixing them with almond oil to give those rough spots a little extra TLC. If you’re mixing capsules to take internally, almond oil adds just a touch of trace minerals that may help your body heal faster. Every little bit counts! Gentle for babies, too. If you’ve been using baby lotions, try a nice massage with almond oil instead. Almond oil typically absorbs quickly, so when you mix it with essential oils the properties of each oil go into your skin right away.

Shea Butter

If you’re making home-made beauty products with essential oils and want the best carrier oil, shea butter might be the one. Or, maybe it isn’t—depends on the results you want from your DIY adventures. Shea butter is water resistant, meaning it creates a protective barrier that keeps water away. Good for hand moisturizing if you tend to wash your hands frequently (say hello to all the nurses and day care providers in your life!). However, this also means the shea butter stays on the surface of your skin after the essential oil has been absorbed. It’s a toss-up, and you should decide after trying various carrier oils for various purposes.

Grapeseed Oil

For those who find other carrier oils greasy and unpleasant, grapeseed oil may be the answer. It’s quick to absorb and leaves behind a silky feeling. When you’re mixing essential oils with a carrier oil for kids, it can be hard for them to be patient until the oil absorbs into their skin, so grapeseed oil might be the perfect carrier. Read labels and study brands very carefully, though. Grapeseed oil is often extracted using chemicals and traces of bad stuff can be left behind after processing, so look for expeller-pressed oils that are crushed using mechanical processes rather than chemistry.

And of course, there’s always V-6, which you can order directly from Young Living.

No matter what kind of oil you use, try to get organic, non-GMO brands. If you’re trying to be healthful by using essential oils, you might as well go all the way, right? Please take care of your oils, too. Many can be stored in the refrigerator to prolong their shelf-lives, and some can go in the freezer and remain liquid. If your oil has been in room-temperature storage for a few months, smell it—if there’s any hint of “off” odors, just throw it away and start over.


Essential Oil Gifts for Parents

by Evelyn


giftsforparentsAnyone with a new baby or a rambunctious toddler absolutely needs the energizing, cleansing and grounding effects of essential oils. Nurturing little ones can get stressful, and your gifts can help parents find balance in a newly chaotic life.

Tired new parents can find relief in stimulating oils. A gift of Peppermint can be used in a variety of ways, including perking up when you’ve been awake for too many weeks in a row. Rosemary is an all-around energizing oil, or give the gift of Orange if the new parents need calming and uplifting aromatherapy. A diffuser is the perfect way to introduce these lovely scents into the environment.

When cold and flu season hits the household, new parents should make liberal use of Eucalyptus essential oil. Rub a few drops onto blocked sinuses, sore throats and achy chests whenever needed. (For grownups! Essential oils must be properly diluted before applying to babies and very young children.) Add a drop or two to steaming tea or a diffuser. In addition to relieving cold symptoms, eucalyptus oil has antibacterial properties, so add it to your homemade household cleaners to reduce the number of germs on surfaces.

Did you know that even new dads can suffer from postpartum depression? A dad’s symptoms are usually much less severe than a mom’s, and he can often be ignored in the mix. If you feel like splurging, give a new dad the gift of Frankincense essential oil. Gifts with smaller price tags include Cypress and Cedarwood, both well-known for their grounding properties and their more masculine scents.

As you consider the best gifts to give new parents, remember that essential oils have many incredible properties beyond their aromatherapy benefits. Give your gift recipients some advice along with the essential oils and they’ll be more likely to use them!

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Wonder Distributor Powers: Activate!

by Evelyn


sunshine and daisiesMarketing is full of words. Words, words, words! Ahhhhhhh. Do I have to write more words? Right now? Wouldn’t it be more fun to do the dishes or watch a rerun of a 1980s Saturday morning cartoon?

While those things might feel more fun in the moment, I’m afraid we marketers must continue writing and writing. That’s how online marketing is done: through words, most of them written and read.

Make your words more powerful by activating active verbs.

Uh oh. That sounds like your English teacher about to diagram some sentences. If you tuned out your grammar lessons the first time around, pay attention for just a couple of minutes and learn how to bring verbs to life in written marketing content.

Read these examples out loud and listen to the differences.

She was applying frankincense for a week when she started to see results.
She applied frankincense for a week and started to see results.

He has been applying Valor before asking someone on a date, but he hasn’t seen results yet.
He applies Valor before asking someone on a date, and hopes for results.

By next month we will have finished the promotion.
The promotion finishes next month.

When you do your final editing run-through, watch out for verbs that end in -ing, and try to eliminate all uses of “was” and “has” and “will” in your writing. It’s the little things that make your writing active, lively and to-the-point. Yes, it is a little thing, but try it anyway and see how you feel.

Just a nod to my grammar-nerd brothers and sisters. Did you see how I eliminated past progressive, present perfect progressive, and future perfect tenses? Fist bumps all around!

Just released: Crash Course In NingXia Red Marketing

by Evelyn


CrashCourseNingxiaRed4If you’re not a member of North Grove Marketing yet, you can still take advantage of my just-released crash course all about how to promote NingXia Red in your Young Living business. It’s a 9-page ebook that walks you through different kinds of marketing materials and HOW and WHY you can apply them in your marketing.

I can just about bet this book would save anybody hours and hours of researching, so even if you don’t promote NingXia Red much you can at least get a crash course in the product.

Check out Crash Course In NingXia Red Marketing on this page. Anybody can download it for a mere $11 if you’re not a member, free if you are a member. (Members note: If you haven’t received your emailed password yet, just drop me a line in our community Facebook group and I’ll tell you right away!)

Reflexology Foot Massage for Stress Relief

by Evelyn


reflexologystressreliefA ten-minute foot massage can work wonders to relieve stress and emotional tension, and focusing on the reflexology points on your feet gets you results even faster. Throw in some calming aromatherapy through essential oils and you have a complete stress relief package.

Step 1

Wash your feet with plenty of running water and a mild soap. Dry using gentle circular motions. Focus on what you’re doing right now and try to set aside your worries for a few moments.

Step 2

Pour a small amount of V-6 carrier oil into your palm and rub your hands together to warm up the oil. Drip 4-6 drops of essential oil into your palm and rub your hands together again. The Peace and Calming blend is perfect for all kinds of stress. If your stress is related to female hormones, use the Progessence blend instead. Spread the oils onto one foot and massage the top and bottom of your foot all the way up the ankle. Use long strokes and don’t press too hard on any particular point.

Step 3

Begin the reflexology part of the massage by applying pressure where each of your toes meets the bottom of your foot. Press firmly for about ten seconds in each depression. Spend extra time with your big toe, because it represents your entire head and neck in reflexology.

Step 4

Move down to the ball of your foot and repeat, holding each pressure point for about ten seconds. Pay extra attention to the point where your toe bones meet your insole, as this can be a very tender spot.

Step 5

Move to your insole and massage the whole area, paying attention to the reflexology points in the edge of the arch of your foot. We tend to hold emotions and tension in this area, so take your time and focus on any particularly tender points.

Step 6

End the reflexology part of the massage by finding the point on the outside of your foot about three finger-widths past the joint of the little toe. This is where you hold tension in your shoulders. Press and hold this point for at least ten seconds, and repeat until you can feel your shoulders relax.

Step 7

Finish massaging that foot in any way you like: vigorous circular motions all over your foot; long, gentle strokes from toe to heel; briefly pressing on each reflexology point again to relieve the remaining bits of tension.

Step 8

Rest for a few moments and take a drink of water. Repeat the same reflexology massage points with your other foot. When finished, relax and drink water for at least a few minutes before going back to your everyday life.

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