If you've been an affiliate before, you know how this works. Click here now to skip the long explanation and get started.

If you've never been an affiliate for someone before, keep reading.

Traditionally, I would write this book, find an agent or a publisher, wait for months while they got it printed, then wrangle distributors for a few months until it got put on the shelves at Barnes and Noble, where who knows how much time might pass before someone who could use it wandered by accidentally. That seems like a big waste of time to me, because you and I KNOW there are thousands of people out there who can read this book, apply it, and build stronger relationships with their stepkids, RIGHT AWAY. So you and I are going to skip that whole part where we wait around and offer this book directly to the people who can use it. And, because I'm asking you to do a little work on behalf of this eBook, I'll share the profits with you. Sounds fair, doesn't it?

First, grab your copy, download it, and read it. If you don't agree that it's an eBook filled with 99 useful ideas to help connect with kids who don't live under the same roof as their stepparents, get your money back. If you find, as I know you will, that it's useful and fun, come back to this page and follow these directions.

  1. Start by getting a ClickBank nickname. It's absolutely free for affiliates to sign up (no multilevel marketing baloney). You simply enter your chosen nickname, set a password, and then follow a few simple directions to learn how to link with this particular eBook. It's so easy even I can do it, and that's saying something. Click here to get your account set up with ClickBank.
  2. Recommend the book to your newsletter mailing list, clients who come into your office, anyone you think could use a lift on that long, hard road to developing strong relationships with distant kids. Put the "hoplink" (ClickBank's word for the hyperlink that connects YOU with this eBook) and a short explanation on your website's homepage. In your next few newsletters, write a review, add the hoplink, and share this book with your subscribers.
  3. If you would like help writing a review, or would like articles to publish in your newsletter or on your website, just email me directly at and tell me what you need.
  4. Every time someone you recommended the book to clicks on your personal hoplink and buys the book, your share of the profits goes into an account under your name at ClickBank. Then, every two weeks, you get a check from ClickBank. Couldn't be more simple, in my opinion. Every two weeks you get a check that will probably be big enough so you could take the day off if you want to.
  5. Everyone always has the no-questions-asked-56-day-money-back guarantee. Always.
  6. Since you're adding new subscribers and clients every day at your website, just republish your review every month or two (depending on how frequent your newsletter is) to keep reminding people of this resource. It's a win-win-win situation: your subscribers get a useful eBook. They try out some of the ideas and their stepfamilies benefit. There's a direct INCREASE in happiness and a corresponding DECREASE in unhappiness. You get a paycheck every two weeks just for spreading happiness. And my cats and dogs and chickens and stepkids get to eat another day, which makes US happy. Holy buckets of happiness.

It's simple, straightforward, and directly into the hands of people who benefit. Get your ClickBank nickname and get started.

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